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3lite – Smarter Project Delivery

A new business era in the built environment has started in 2017, when two business partners – Vladimir Milovanovic and Milan Jankovic – both coming from a background in World-renown US and UK consultancies performing Project & Construction Management, established a boutique professional service firm – 3lite.

Working out of their head office in Belgrade, they serve Clients in Western Europe, Western Africa, Middle-East and Central Asia. 3lite focuses on providing highly specialized services for either Investors, Contractors or Consultants for their specific operational or business requirements. Their team of subject matter experts targets only critical areas of a Client’s business where they can save time and money. They differentiate themselves by their ability to engage in any phase of the project’s lifecycle, including situations when the project is in distress.

3lite’s core services are based on clearly defined assignments that are delivered within a timeframe of 4-12 weeks. Their services are divided into three core segments: (1) Project Consultancy – focusing on Project Controls, Contract Management and Supply Chain Optimization for high-rise and mixed-use projects, (2) Business Consultancy – supporting companies to reach new international markets and develop business relationships with global industry leaders, and (3) Management Development – working with companies to establish their in-house staff and management capabilities for delivering large scale projects.

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